The Law Firm effectively conducts cases regarding the so-called Swiss franc loans (indexed / denominated). Our services regarding loans granted, among others by DNB Nord, mBank, Bank Millennium, Getin Bank.

We offer an individualized, free analysis of the principal instalment in order to determine the legitimacy / profitability of claims against the bank (in particular those relating to “overpaid” loan installments or resulting from the declaration that the entire loan agreement is invalid).

In the case of entrusting us with the pursuit of such claims – we define the substantive rules (scope of authorization) and financial rules on which we perform further actions in the case, including representing the client in court.

We exercise the highest due diligence in handling cases, but we do not guarantee that each case justifies effective claims. As part of the analysis of the case, we also pay attention to the risks related to the claims made against banks.