The team of Jędrych & Partnerzy – Kancelaria Adwokacka advocate Artur Jędrych consists of lawyers with extensive practical experience in a specialized field. Team members at your disposal work permanently within the structure of the Law Firm, as well as ad hoc – as part of a permanent partnership cooperation relationship (which applies to a tax advisor, patent attorney, statutory auditor).

The associates and / or partners of the Law Firm, in addition to professionalism, are also characterized by above-average commitment to the matters entrusted to them, which translates into efficient, interdisciplinary operation, and consequently the success and satisfaction of clients. Our team solves clients’ legal problems with the utmost diligence and in compliance with all confidentiality standards, also providing comprehensive assistance in the implementation of their business plans. The associates and / or partners of the Law Firm are persons fluent in the specialist legal language, both (at least) English and / or German.


Monika Czyżak – trainee attorney at law

Karol Kozieł – trainee attorney at law

Administrative services for the Law Firm

Paulina Apacik


Cooperation Kroll / Misiejuk / Grzybowski

Jędrych & Partnerzy – The Law Office of attorney Artur Jędrych cooperates with law firms from the European Union, incl. with the law firm of Mrs. Margo M. Kroll with its seat in Munich, ul. Nymphenburger Straße 154